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What is HoloKit?
Amber Garage, a Silicon Valley based creative art & tech studio, on June 1st at Augmented World Expo launched HoloKit, the low cost open source mixed reality experience, which includes the HeadKit cardboard headset and TrackKit software. With your smartphone and Mixed Reality apps, HoloKit provides you access to the world of Mixed Reality right in your hands, affordably.
World's First Cardboard Mixed Reality Experience
HoloKit features super sharp optics quality and a 76-degree diagonal field of view. Pairing with a smartphone, HoloKit can perform an inside out tracking function, which uses the changing perspective on the outside world to note changes in its own position. HoloKit merges the real and the virtual in a smart way. While you see through the real world, virtual objects are blended into it. Powered by the accurate gyro and camera on smart phones, HoloKit solidly places virtual objects onto your table or floor, as if they were physically there without physical makers. These virtual objects will stay in the same place even if you walk away, just like real physical objects.

HoloKit is different from screen-based AR experience like Tango. You can directly see through the headset and view the real world as is, and in the meantime the virtual objects are projected on top of the real world, as opposed to viewing both the real and the virtual through a smartphone camera.
International Collaboration and Open-sourced
HoloKit is the result of the collaboration across the globe. Botao Hu from Amber Garage and Fengyuan Zhu from NYU ITP developped the project. Hardware is designed and manufactured by Gehangdianzi (Goldhorn), China. The team spent 6 months to develop and improve Holokit to achieve its current industrial design and software.

Prior to Augmented World Expo, HoloKit has been exhibited in Workshop in Augmented and Mixed Reality at Stanford University on May 11, 2017. Also, HoloKit was demonstrated in ITP spring show at New York University, on May 17, 2017.

"HoloKit is our gift to the AR/MR industry. We open-sourced our code and provided instruction for hardware DIY." Botao Hu said, "HoloKit is free for all non-commercial use. The core tracking library of HoloKit software is an open source C++ library. Developers can use Unity to create Apps. I am excited to see what open source contributors will create, and how HoloKit can help fellow engineers and artists for their projects."
Get Started with HoloKit
For the HeadKit cardboard headset, there are a few options:
If you are a geek, HoloKit has released its cardboard hardware design on Github and you can print and assemble yourself.
If you are at the AR in Action Summit in New York on June 6, 2017, come to meet Amber Garage for the giveaways.
Amazon preorder link is below.

For the TrackKit software, there are also a few options:
We support Apple ARKit, VINS, and Tango as our tracking method. Anyone can download the HoloKit app from App Store, which works on Appleā€™s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.
The HoloKit cardboard is also compatible with the Tango phones.
Press Kit (Video Clips, images, GIFs)
Please refer to our press kit here .


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Chief Director : Botao Hu
Co-Director : Fengyuan Zhu
HeadKit (Hardware) : Botao Hu, Fengyuan Zhu, Gehangdianzi
TrackKit (Software) : Botao Hu
based on open source VINS project from HKUST
Demo Apps: Fengyuan Zhu


HeadKit Industrial Design: Yiming Deng
HeadKit R&D Lab: Gehangdianzi
Open source VINS Project: Peiliang Li, Tong Qin, Zhenfei Yang, Kejie Qiu, Shaojie Shen from HKUST
Demonstration: Wenbo Lan, Zhenyi He, Peiyu Luo, Miao Tian
Hologram Model Provider: Unity Chan, Owlii, KennyWdev
Talent Sourcer: Yu Lao
Branding Advisor: Yiying Lu

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