About HoloKit

Turn your mobile phone into a Mixed Reality device in a low-cost DIY way.
What is HoloKit?
HoloKit enables Mixed Reality through a simple and smart DIY Cardboard Kit (HeadKit) with everyone's smart phone + open source HoloKit software (TrackKit). HoloKit has 90 degree field of view and super sharp optics quality. Not only it supports wide range of bluetooth devices to interact but also supports multiple players to share holograms. We open source our ingenious headset design and our cutting-edge inside-out tracking software to enable everyone in the world to have accessibility to great mixed reality experience.
When and how can I get HoloKit?
HoloKit will be released on June 6, 2017 on AR in Actions (arinaction.org). HoloKit's source code will be available on github.com. Track Kit SDKs and Head Kit design will be included in the open source project.
Who created HoloKit?
Amber Garage, NYU, HKUST Aerial Robotics Group is the creative team behind HoloKit.



Coming soon. See you on AR in Action on Jun 6, 2017, or subscribe our mail list.



Creative & Technical Director : Botao Hu @ AG
Co-director: Fengyuan Zhu
HeadKit - Headset Design: Fengyuan Zhu @ NYU, Yiming Deng
TrackKit - Inside-out Tracking: Peiliang Li @ HKUST, Tong Qin @ HKUST
Advisor: Shaojie Shen @ HKUST
Advisor: Ken Perlin @ NYU


Art and Branding Advisor: Yiying Lu
HeadKit Prototyping Lab: China Smart, Ltd.
TrackKit SDK: Wander Liu, Zhenfei Yang @ HKUST, Kejie Qiu @ HKUST
Demonstration Developper: Wenbo Lan @ NYU, Zhenyi He @ NYU
Hologram Model Provider: Owlii, Ltd.
Talent Sourcer: Yu Lao
Video Director: Paul Trillo
Video Producer: Brian Streem
We will keep you updated!